Practicing yoga and meditation in water brings us back to basics (Germany)

Yogis have taken to adding modern “extras”—from aerial 
silks to free weights—to the ancient practice. Yet the latest trend, 
practicing yoga and meditation in water, brings us back to basics and 
offers a slew of benefits, says Kat Tudor, co-owner of SunWater 
Spa, a new yoga studio and water-therapy spa in Manitou Springs, 
Colorado. “Water’s buoyancy takes weight off your joints, making even difficult asanas feel effortless,” says Tudor. “Plus, soaking is a time-honored way to heal; it helps you connect with your body, release pain, and stimulate your lymph system, and it encourages you to go with the flow.” From aqua chi (a form of Tai Chi in water) to float tanks (single-person pods filled with warm saltwater that create a sensory-deprivation experience perfect for meditation), it’s time to dive in and soak up the benefits.

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