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Commercial drones just got a big upgrade: A fleet of passenger-carrying quadcopters could be flying around the city of Dubai by this summer, according to news reports. The city's new transportation option is an egg-shaped, single-passenger
Ein neues Gerat kann die obersten Seiten eines Buchs lesen — ohne es aufzuschlagen. Es benutzt dabei Strahlung, die viele vom Sicherheitscheck am Flughafen kennen. Wertvolle, alte Bucher wurden Bibliothekare am liebsten gar nicht anruhren. Aber um sie
Еще в 2012 году появлялись сообщения о том, что инженеры Apple разрабатывают технологию, которая позволит разместить мультитач-интерфейс не только на плоские сенсорные дисплеи, но и на любую поверхность трехмерного мира. Прошло пять лет, и очередной
Sidd Bikkannavar, it should be noted, is chill. Im not sure if its because hes from Southern CaliforniaBikkannavar was born in Pasadenaor because his side hobby, racing solar-powered vehicles, requires a certain amount of calm. Whatever the source,
Ten years ago, NASA’s Stardust mission successfully brought back interstellar dust from a comet and the cloud existed only in the sky. That same year, Skype launched a new innovation – free video calling. Yes, it really has been a decade
Motorola started selling the new Moto 360 Sport in the US last week, the device was made available on the company’s website last week and now it is available on the Google Store. Prices for the Moto 360 Sport start at $299.99 and the device
NVIDIA has revealed that their NVIDIA Shield TV is getting the Android Marshmallow update, the update will bring a range of new features to the device.  As well as the Android Marshmallow update, the NVIDIA Shield TV will also get a new range of