SINGER TALENT 3321 / Nähmaschine (Neu) inklusive Zubehör

Hamburg , Hamburg , Germany

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  • Product description:
    • 21 Nahprogramme
    • 4-Stufen-Knopfloch
    • TopKlick-Spule
    • Automatischer Einfedler
    • Variable Stichlange und -breite
    • Solide Konstruktion
    • Praktischer Freiarm
    • Schneller Nahfusswechsel durch Schnappautomatik
    • Extra hoher Nahfussdurchlass
  • Type of price:
    Contract price (bargaining)
  • Product information

  • Type of business activity:
    Private person
  • Type of sale:
  • Status:
  • Additional information

  • Method of payment:
    Prepayment, Payment after receipt of the goods, Payment of parts
  • Payment:
    Paypal, Bank Transfer, Cash payment
  • Delivery:
    By post, Local pick up, Courier delivery (to the address)

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